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Why Callsweepr?

Save Time and Money

In some industries 20% of daily calls are unsolicited. These calls are not only annoying, but are also disruptive and waste your valuable time and resources.

Increase Security

After almost every sales call, the caller is building a profile in their database on your employees and company. Callsweepr gives you control to reduce leaked information over the phone.

More Visibility

Look beyond the caller ID and get more visibility on who is calling thanks to Callsweepr’s analytics platform and global database of unsolicited numbers

How does it work?

"Callsweepr would like to rethink the sales call. Our goal is to reduce the number of unsolicited calls your business receives."


Callsweepr will warn you of any potential threats before you answer the phone, allowing you to prepare or answer other calls first.


Flag threats instantly and let Callsweepr handle the rest. All rejected calls will be subject to verification and information collection.


Flagged threats will be required to confirm their identity, phone number, and reason for calling. All flagged threats are tracked and monitored to eliminate repeat offenders.


Collected information is translated to text and delivered to the best contact via email or sms. Choose how Callsweepr reacts to future calls received from the same number.


Use advanced analytics to monitor usage of your company's phone system and help streamline your business.


Callsweepr was formed when two sale representatives finally understood that receptionists, business executives and procurement officers were tired of being bombarded from telemarketers, recruiters and general sales people. After hearing receptionists say “you are the 3rd person to ask for Mr/Ms today”, we realized there wasn’t a mechanism in place to stop or reduce unsolicited calls for businesses.

Given commerce revolves around communication, there cannot be Do-Not Call legislation like there is in the consumer space. Therefore, Callsweepr was born as a mechanism to filter out those repetitive, unsolicited calls, yet still let legitimate communication through.